Payment Plans

More than just one option

Interest-free, in-house payment plans
At Wavescape Orthodontics we appreciate the economic pressures many people face. But we don’t think that this should prevent someone from enjoying the confidence and reassurance that a wonderful smile brings.

Orthodontic treatment is an investment in personal wellbeing, which is why we offer interest-free, in-house payment plans over all of our treatments. This usually consists of an initial deposit followed by small monthly instalments, spread across the duration of treatment.

And just as we tailor all our treatments to the individual patient, we can also customise a flexible payment plan to suit your individual budget.

What’s more, we even offer discounts for immediate family members.

Cost of treatment
The cost of orthodontic treatment can vary significantly and depends on many factors:

  1. Early versus comprehensive treatment
  2. Full versus partial treatment
  3. How severe the problem is
  4. The type of braces used
  5. Possible alternatives to braces
  6. Additional appliances that might be needed to achieve treatment goals

Since everyone’s needs are different, and therefore each of our treatment plans are unique all of our quotes will be tailored to your own specific circumstances.

It is impossible to tell what your treatment needs will be until we have done a comprehensive examination of your face, mouth and teeth. As such, we are not able to quote treatment fees over the phone.

No Hidden Costs

At Wavescape Orthodontics, you can be sure there will be no fee surprises.

Our estimate includes everything involved in creating your new smile – from the first day of treatment to the final follow-up appointment. This includes every visit, all materials, correspondence with your dentist/healthcare practitioner, provision of retainers at the conclusion of treatment as well as retention supervision for two years after orthodontic treatment.

Health fund rebates

All our written quotes include item codes for health fund rebates. These rebates vary significantly from fund to fund, and we advise that you check with your fund to see if you are eligible for a rebate and what the rebate will be.