The teenage years (between the ages of 12 and 16) are the most common time for orthodontic treatment.

That's because by age 12, most, if not all of your permanent teeth have erupted and are in place so crooked teeth, gaps and "bad bites" can easily be detected. These problems rarely correct themselves so this is when the majority of people seek orthodontic treatment. Although many teens today wear braces, some teens may feel uncomfortable getting braces.

The permanent condition of the teeth is usually established around the age of 12- 13 years and as this is also an age of rapid growth, it is often the best time to get many orthodontic problems sorted out. Orthodontic treatment for teenagers involves aligning the established permanent teeth to a functional and aesthetic smile.  Usually teenagers have a healthy set of teeth which keeps treatment as simple as possible.

During the teenage years, almost all orthodontic problems that occur can be treated. For most patients, treatment with fixed appliances is the most efficient and effective way of straightening the teeth. Choosing different colours to decorate their metal braces, makes it fun for teenagers.

It's important to remember, that most people aren't born with an attractive smile or a proper bite. Consequently, wearing braces is usually inevitable if you want to have a beautiful, healthy smile. Having a great smile will not only help you look better and feel better about yourself, studies have shown it can impact your personal and professional success throughout your lifetime.